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In this masterclass on sankaku, Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens goes through the three major forms of this leg triangle technique, starting with the basic version, followed by the reverse sankaku and the Cuban sankaku. He also addresses the most common scenarios where uke tries to thwart the attack and how to deal with them. Lastly, he shows some effective sankaku defences.





In this tutorial on sankaku, Travis Stevens delivers a masterclass on this triangular locking technique that is arguably the most versatile technique in judo. Once a sankaku is secured it can often lead to a strangle, a hold-down and even an armlock. He begins by showing you the basics that you need to get the sankaku going, that is, how to get your legs in. Next, he teaches you how to do the most basic sankaku, often referred to as yoko-sankaku. Next, he shows you the reverse sankaku, which is the most popular version of that technique in world judo today. If your opponent knows you’re a sankaku specialist, he might rely on a variety of tactics to prevent you from getting the sankaku. Travis shows you how to overcome them. What if your opponent flattens out? There’s a sankaku for that too. Lastly, Travis teaches you a few different ways you can effectively defend against sankaku.

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May 02, 2021

Great job as always. The part shoulder roll and the belly roll are goldmine , now when i quite make it , i will know how to finish it and pin my opponent .
thanks a lot coach

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