Grip Like A World Champion 2.0

Win judo’s most important battles and grip fight like a champion with World Champion Jimmy Pedro’s legendary gripping system, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition every time you hit the mat. With the same clear concise instruction he gives Olympians and elite black belts, you can understand the fundamental gripping battles that will be the difference between throwing and being thrown.

  • Learn basic positioning a movement
  • Understand the goals and objectives
  • Develop strategies against same sided athletes
  • Develop strategies against opposite sided athletes
  • Digital Only

What You'll Have Access To

Introduction to Gripping

  • Definition & History of This System
  • Importance of Gripping
  • Theory
  • Proper Gripping Stance & Movement
  • Gripping Terminology

Same Sided Gripping

  • Being One Step Ahead
  • Gripping Objectives
  • Capture the Sleeve
  • Circle Opponent and Grab the Sleeve
  • Common Mistakes
  • Both Post Should with Grip Breaks
  • Post Shoulder Defenses
  • Reposting
  • Counter to Stiff Arm
  • Attacking After Having A Grip

Opposite Sided Gripping

  • Gripping Objectives
  • Standard label and Sleeve Grip
  • Maintaining Inside Position
  • Other Ways to Dominate
  • Stealing the Sleeve
  • Motion to Secure Sleeve
  • Cross Lapel with Motion to Secure the Sleeve
  • Lapel Power Grip
  • Defense Against Power Grip
  • Attacking Off the Grip
  • Double Lapel Situations

Bonus Clips

  • Stupid Judo
  • Conclusion

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