Skills & Drills Development

Elevate your judo to a whole new level with a series of skills and drills to truly develop your technique.  Everybody can teach you a judo technique, but understanding how the techniques go together and flow from one to the other is the key to mastering judo.  Additionally, everybody loves to do randori; but, not enough time is spent during judo practice on getting better, improving your timing, and doing skills and drills to make sure you are getting better!

In newaza, it is vitally important to always be one step ahead of your opponent at all times, and to actually drill your techniques in a systematic way to develop the proper muscle memory so your body knows where to go next and how to control your opponent at all times.  This comes from doing newaza uchikomi and focused drilling in key positions in newaza so that your precision and timing is flawless.  

In tachiwaza, it is important to know how to drill properly so you can refine your technique, improve your timing, develop speed, and make your throws more powerful and explosive.    

And, finally, in order to catch more opponent’s on the ground, you have to train your body to react quickly and seize the moment to win in the transition from tachiwaza into newaza.  This is training with a purpose.    

  • Drills for throws, newaza, conditioning, reaction times, transitions & more. 
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What You'll Have Access To

Introduction to Gripping

  • Definition & History of This System
  • Importance of Gripping
  • Theory
  • Proper Gripping Stance & Movement
  • Gripping Terminology

Same Sided Gripping

  • Being One Step Ahead
  • Gripping Objectives
  • Capture the Sleeve
  • Circle Opponent and Grab the Sleeve
  • Common Mistakes
  • Both Post Should with Grip Breaks
  • Post Shoulder Defenses
  • Reposting
  • Counter to Stiff Arm
  • Attacking After Having A Grip

Opposite Sided Gripping

  • Gripping Objectives
  • Standard label and Sleeve Grip
  • Maintaining Inside Position
  • Other Ways to Dominate
  • Stealing the Sleeve
  • Motion to Secure Sleeve
  • Cross Lapel with Motion to Secure the Sleeve
  • Lapel Power Grip
  • Defense Against Power Grip
  • Attacking Off the Grip
  • Double Lapel Situations

Bonus Clips

  • Stupid Judo
  • Conclusion

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Coach Jimmy Pedro


IJF Hall of Famer, World Champion, and Renowned American Judo Coach, Jimmy holds 2 x Olympic Bronze Medals and led the United States Judo Team to its two most successful performances in Olympic History in 2012 and 2016 as head Olympic Team coach. Learn from one of the greatest US judoka and coaches ever.

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