The Koshi Guruma Encyclopedia

Elevate your judo by learning Koshi Guruma!

Master the Koshi Guruma and develop a new and exciting game plan with its many uses with Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens. With The Koshi Guruma Encyclopedia you'll gain access to a complete library of Koshi Guruma instruction that includes basic concepts all the way up through Olympic level strategies for this tried and true hip technique. The Koshi Gurma has been one of Steven’s specialties as an athlete and in this massive instructional he’ll help you understand and apply the technique using masterful detail work and instruction that only Stevens can provide!

What you get with this instructional:

    • Basic Movements
    • Solo Shadow Drills
    • Posture & Gripping Tips
    • Incorporation of the Technique
    • Simple and Advanced Combinations
    • Proper Nage Komi (Repetitive Throwing Practice)
    • Trouble-Shooting and Attention to Detail
    • Same Side Vs. Opposite Side Strategies
    • Digital Only


What You'll Have Access To


Chapter 1

  • Introduction to Shadow Drills
  • Fundamental Leg Position
  • Fundamental Hand Position
  • Directional Pattern Walking Forward
  • Directional Pattern Walking Backward
  • Directional Pattern Walking Sideways
  • FUJI Training Band Exercise
  • Chapter 2
  • Introduction to Floor Diagram
  • Using the Floor Diagram to Understand Basic Footwork & Body Positioning
  • Fitting the Space Moving Forward
  • Fitting the Space Moving Sideways
  • Applying All Concepts


Chapter 3

  • Introduction to Uchikomi
  • Uchikomi  
  • Uchikomi Moving Backward
  • Uchikomi Moving Forward
  • Uchikomi Moving Sideways
  • Lifting Uchikomi


Chapter 4

  • Introduction to Nage Komi
  • Nage Komi
  • Nage Komi Moving Backward
  • Nage Komi Moving Sideways
  • Nage Komi Moving Forward
  • Nage Komi on a Crash Pad Developing Power


Chapter 5

  • Introduction to Common Mistakes
  • Common Mistakes with the Hands
  • Common Mistakes with Foot Placement
  • Common Mistakes with the Body

Intermediate Judo

Chapter 1

  • Introduction to Simple Combinations
  • Concept of Kouchi Gari to Koshi Guruma
  • Application of Kouchi Gari to Koshi Guruma
  • Concept of Ouchi Gari to Koshi Guruma
  • Application of Ouchi Gari to Koshi Guruma


Chapter 2

  • Introduction to Simple Movements
  • Swinging Your Partner Into Koshi Guruma


Chapter 3

  • Introduction to Modified Grips  
  • From the Collar

Advanced Judo

Chapter 1

  • Introduction to Complex Combinations
  • Koshi Guruma to Harai Ogoshi
  • Koshi Guruma to Ouchi Gari
  • Koshi Guruma to Osoto Gari
  • Koshi Guruma to Osoto Gari Version 2
  • Koshi Guruma to Uchimata


Chapter 2  

  • Introduction to Modified Grips & Movements
  • Freeing Your Sleeve Into Koshi Guruma
  • Controlling The Wrist Into Koshi Garmua
  • RvL Controlling The Sleeve Into Koshi Guruma
  • Cross Grip + Simple Movement Into Koshi Guruma
  • Learn Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi to Koshi Guruma
  • Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi to Koshi Guruma Application


Chapter 3

  • Introduction to Split Hip Koshi Guruma
  • Solo Drill
  • With Partner Understanding Body Positioning
  • Uchikomi
  • Lifting Uchikomi
  • Walking Forward Uchikomi
  • Nage Komi
  • Applications Against Same Sided Opponent
  • Applications Against Opposite Sided Opponent

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