The Ogoshi Encyclopedia

Jimmy Pedro is one of the most accomplished American judoka ever and one of the most respected coaches and technicians in the world.

  • Study the complete Ogoshi and start throwing opponents with this powerful hip toss for Ippon.
  • Go from the most basic motions all the way through advanced combos and set ups!
  • See how to launch your opponent with Ogoshi from tons of gripping combinations with Jimmy’s kumi-kata techniques.
  • Understand the footwork and body mechanics for the strongest throws possible, with the most leverage and precision possible.
  • Jimmy is one of the most knowledgeable coaches in judo, and this is your chance to receive Olympic-level technique!

What You'll Have Access To


  • Fundamental leg & Foot Patterns
  • Directional Pattern - Walking Forward
  • Directional Pattern - Walking Backward
  • Directional Pattern - Walking Sideways
  • Training Band Exercise
  • Understanding Leg, Foot, and Body Positioning
  • Uchikomi
  • Uchikomi Moving Backward
  • Uchikomi Moving Sideways
  • Nage Komi
  • Nage Komi Moving Backwards
  • Nage Komi Moving Sideways
  • Nage Komi on a Crash Pad
  • Common Mistakes With the Hands
  • Common Mistakes With the Back Grip
  • Common Mistake with the Body & Foot Placement

Intermediate Judo

  • Concept of Switch to Ogoshi
  • Application of Switch to Ogoshi
  • Concept of Kosoto to Ogoshi
  • Application of Kosoto to Ogoshi
  • Concept of Ouchi Gari to Ogoshi
  • Application of Ouchi Gari to Ogoshi
  • Concept of Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi to Ogoshi
  • Application of Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi to Ogoshi
  • Concept of Kouchi Gari to Ogoshi
  • Application of Kouchi Gari to Ogoshi
  • Application of Sasae Tusrikomi Ashi to Ogoshi Same Side

Advanced Judo

  • Two Steps Moving Sideways
  • Two Steps Move Backward
  • Ogoshi to Harai Goshi Combination
  • Ogoshi to Uchimata Combination
  • Ogoshi to Kouchi Gari Combination
  • Ogoshi to Ouchi Gari Combination
  • Ogoshi to Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi Combination
  • Ogoshi to Ogoshi Combination

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